2020 Season Update: Big News!

This year is clearly looking a little different than everyone expected, especially with most of our favorite races getting (understandably) canceled. Although TriNB has not canceled the season, most of our amazing race directors could not see a feasible way to operate a triathlon under the government’s current restrictions (no more than 50 people at one event plus maintaining/enforcing social distancing throughout the event). But that doesn’t mean all is lost in this sport! TriNB is in close contact with our government to ensure we can still operate safely (albeit in smaller numbers) and is working with the clubs to continue to sanction small group events provided they have up-to-date COVID-op plans. (Reach out to your local club for more details on their individual op-plans.)

  • “So what”, you might say. “There are no races anyways.” Don’t worry, we’ll get to that in a second
  • “But I already purchased a membership!  What happens to my membership??” Great question. For those of us who bought one, we’ll be provided with an automatic promo for a free membership next year.



We know some of you have been asking about this for a LONG time, but it’s FINALLY here! Now annual TriNB members have access to TWO  premium insurance options (see there is a reason to be a member this year!).


  • Personal Athlete Insurance: This $32 add-on to your TriNB membership, extends the same ($5 million General Liability and $50,000 Sport Accident Policy) coverage you get at every sanctioned race and club event to ANY triathlon training you do in your own personal time. Now you can train by yourself, with non-club groups, out of the province or country, and have peace of mind knowing you’re training is covered should anything happen.
  • Premium Bike Insurance: As a TriNB member, you have the exclusive opportunity to participate in our Bicycle Insurance Program, which protects your bike against damage and theft during sanctioned races and sanctioned training activities (or ANY training activity if included with the Individual Athlete Insurance option!). Coverage options include $5,000, $10,000 or $15,000 per bike.


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