2020 Season UPDATE

ITU World Championships (Edmonton)

As many of you probably already know, the ITU World Championships in Edmonton, AB will not be taking place in 2020. Whether this means Edmonton will be taking place in 2021 or skipped over altogether, is still unknown at this point.

Virtual Racing Series (FulGaz)

Triathlon Canada is launching a Virtual Racing Series on FulGaz (a cycling platform similar to Zwift) and waiving membership fees for 2020 (you may recognize this as the $15 fee added to your receipt when purchasing your Triathlon NB yearly membership). Check out more details on this here.

If you are a member of Triathlon Canada or would like to become one (included for $0, this year, by purchasing a yearly membership of Triathlon NB), you will receive the following benefits on your FulGaz subscription:

  • FREE 4-week FulGaz trial
  • 20% off FulGaz subscriptions for a limited time
  • Participation in Triathlon Canada World Series
  • Participation in Triathlon Canada National Tour


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