Canada Games Team Announcement

It is with great pleasure that we present to you the athletes from New Brunswick that will represent our province at the 2022 Canada Summer Games, which will take place in Ontario’s Niagara Region to celebrate Canada’s top young athletes between August 8-12th.
The male athletes are Alexandre Comeau (Miramichi), Yannick Dupuis (Notre Dame), Kieran Everett (Aroostook), and our alternate athlete Youssef Youssef (Woodstock) will line up alongside other male athletes from other provinces. The female athletes are Lydia Bodechon (Quispamsis), Kirsten Simpson (Hanwell), Emerson Scott (Fredericton) and the alternate is Morgan Haslett (Saint John) who will line up with the females from each province. Congratulations to each athlete and their coaches Kristine Cormier (Head Coach from Moncton), Ricky Stiles (Coach & Team Manager from Moncton) and John Michael On (Assistant Coach from Fredericton)
Nous sommes fièrs de vous présenter les athlètes du Nouveau-Brunswick qui représenteront notre province aux prochains jeux du Canada  qui se dérouleront a partir du 8-12 août prochain dans la region de Niagara, Ontario. 
Du côté masculin, Alexandre Comeau (Miramichi), Yannick Dupuis (Notre-Dame) et Kieran Everett (Aroostook), l’athlete suppleant est Youssef Youssef (Woodstock) seront du départ alors que Lydia Bodechon (Quispamsis), Kirsten Simpson (Hanwell) et Emerson Scott (Fredericton), l’athlete suppleante est Morgan Haslett (Saint John) s’aligneront du côté féminin ! Bravo à ces athlètes et leurs entraîneurs Kristine Cormier (Moncton), Ricky Stiles (Moncton) et Jon Micheal On (Fredericton)



TriNB Canada Games Team


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