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Youth (13-15) & Junior (16-20)

If you are between the ages of 14 and 20 as of December 31st and are interested in training and competing in triathlons, join the Triathlon NB Junior Team. Athletes do not need prior triathlon experience, just a desire to learn more about the sport in a fun supportive environment. The junior team trains and attends clinics during the winter months in preparation for competitions in the summer.

Head Coach Kristine Cormier and Team Manager Ricky Stiles will lead athletes as they experience the fun sport of triathlon. To participate you must be a registered full member of Triathlon NB and then connect with Coach Kristine at No previous experience in triathlon is necessary; swim, bike or run background is beneficial, a passion to learn new skills, be challenged and contribute to a fun team.

Please contact us if you need more information regarding these age groups.

Meet the Provincial Team:

Emerson Scott
Age: 15 Years Old
Hometown: Fredericton NB
Years I have participated in the sport: I did my first TRI in the summer of 2019, so almost two years now and loving it!
Club: Both the Youth TRI NB and Fredericton TRI club
Coaches: Kristine & Michael
Goals: To increase my strength and endurance.  To do my best every day and have fun doing it.
Personal Role Model:  My Nana and Papa Singh.  They are the hardest workers I know, are very caring, and always have a big smile on their faces.

Lydia Bodechon
Age: 16
Hometown: Quispamsis, NB
Years I have participated in the sport: 8 Years (2013 Kids of Steel)
Club: Fundy Extreme Triathlon Club
Coaches: Kristine & Ricky
Goals: Improve time each race
Personal Role Model: Barclay Stockett


Kirsten Simpson
Age: 16
Hometown: Hanwell, NB
Years I have participated in the sport: 1
Club: Fredericton Triathlon Club
Coaches: Mike On
Goals: Qualify for the 2022 Canada games
Personal Role Model: Paula Findlay (I admire her tenacity and work ethic)


Sophia Banfield
Age: 13
Hometown: Moncton Born: Auckland
Years I have participated in the sport:1
Club: Southeastern Storm when restarts
Coaches: Kristine, Ricky, and Micheal
Goals: Complete an Ironman. Become an Astronaut.
Personal Role Model:  Chris Hadfield


Yannick Dupuis
Age: 17 years old
Hometown: Notre-Dame, NB
Years I have participated in the sport: First year as a triathlon athlete
Club: TriNB
Coaches: Kristine Cormier, Ricky Stiles, and Michael On
Goals: Participate in my 2nd Canada Games and do well
Personal Role Model: Caeleb Dressel


Kieran Everett
Age: 18
Hometown: Aroostook
Years participated in the sport: 1
Club: none
Coaches: Ricky stiles and Kristine Cormier
Goals: To learn and improve in the sport of triathlon
Personal role model: Stephen Curry


Kristine Cormier
Youth/Jr Head Coach

I enjoy the sport of triathlon so much that I want to share this passion with others, therefore began coaching during the spring of 2017 as a community coach with my local triathlon club “Southeast Storm” in the greater Moncton Area.  I led open water (OW) swimming sessions with some teaching on OW-specific drills and weekly brick sessions during the summer. In January of 2019, I took on the responsibility of the Youth/Jr triathlon team for the province of NB.  I am a certified cycling Canada coach and a trained swim coach with Swimming Canada, I am continuing to take courses to make a better, stronger coach and to finally receive my swimming and running certifications. My core values are Teamwork, a positive attitude, setting achievable goals, and getting comfortable being uncomfortable.


Ricky Stiles
Youth/Jr Coach

I began community coaching back in 2017 with the local triathlon club “Moncton Southeast Storm” where I coached the clubs’ training brick sessions and open water swims. After my community coaching training, I decided to further my coach training and become a certified Triathlon Canada Competition Coach. I continue to advance my knowledge of the sport through coaching seminars, sport-specific training guides & books, and other experienced coaches and mentors.

I believe that good coaching ultimately breaks down to daily reinforcement of three vital basics: consistency, focus, and repetition. I also believe that to make a positive impact on the athletes you coach, you need to have a set of core values that you develop and emphasize regularly with your team. Here are mine: Teamwork & Helping Others, Positive Attitude, Be Honest with Others and True to Yourself, Work Hard and Always Give your Best Effort, Have Perseverance, and Try to find the Fun in the Hard Work You Do.


Mike On
Youth/Jr Assistant Coach

Mike is currently pursuing his passion by completing a Masters in Kinesiology, Focusing on Mindfulness – Sport Sciences at the University of New Brunswick. Throughout his coaching career, he has earned various licenses, and certifications to enhance his coaching skills including the following:

  • Triathlon Canada Coaching License – Competition Coach in Training
  • CERTIFIED ITU (International Triathlon Union) COACH Levels 1 and 2

He has been coaching several athletes in different parts of the world. He also coaches several age-group and young athletes that have excelled at new heights within their sports journey one of which went from completing a 70.3 Ironman event in 8 hours and 15 min to 4 hours and 49 min. He also helped another athlete qualify for Kona. He is working with a Jr athlete hoping to qualify for the Canada Games 2022 and another hoping to be in the MTB pro ranks. He is also involved in a grassroots triathlon program in the Philippines.

Mike strongly believes in the importance of communication, building a personal relationship with the athlete, and incorporating #Mindfulness in his coaching programs.

It involves training our attention through yoga and meditation. With consistent practice, one can reduce mind-wandering thus enhancing athletic performance by developing the ability to focus and refocus, worrying less, be more present, reduce anxiety, and increase our ability to respond and react quickly, and most importantly it can help induce and increase the quality of sleep.

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