Maritimes Regional Group Rides

To keep people connected and engaged over the winter, the three Maritime triathlon PSOs will jointly offer group rides on an on-line platform.   

  1. Ride basics 
  • Rides are coordinated using the Meet-Up function on Zwift 
  • Keep Everyone Together option is selected 
  • This means your fitness level will not determine if you can hang with the group. All you have to do is keep pedaling to stay with the group; very important. 
  • If we have more competitive rides, they will be advertised as such (distance, w/kg) 
  • Following a member survey, we’ll start with Saturday morning rides on Zwift, and add more ride options as the project grows 
  1. Getting on the ride 
  • Send a friend request to Jesse English [TriNB] on Zwift 
  • When adding Jesse, please mention your provincial affiliation or add it to your Zwift name 
  • You’ll be invited to this, and all subsequent rides 
  • If you are late (up to 30 minutes), use “Late Join” to join the group leader 
  • We recommend you log on in plenty of time in case of connectivity issues 
  1. Ride Etiquette 
  • This is a fun, non-judgy place to ride 
  • Use the group chat, this is a group-ride, not a race 
  • Ride whatever you have; road, TT, MTB or Tron. 
  • Be on time! 
  • Please be civil 
  • While not a race, there are rules. Gratuitous bad language or comments likely to cause offense to others will get you banned from the group ride and may be reported to your PSO for further action 
  • Finally, the Velominati “Rules” are a satirical poke at cyclists who take themselves too seriously and not a set of guidelines. So tri-bikes are perfectly acceptable and sock-height is whatever you have from lateral malleolus to patella. Except, of course, Rule 5. 
  1. I don’t have a Smart trainer, I only have a “classic” wheel-on trainer 
  • No worriesZwift is compatible with many popular models of classic, wheel-on trainers such as Blackburn, Kinetic, Tacx, and Saris (formerly Cycleopsif you have BlueTooth or ANT speed/cadence sensors.  
  • For a good tutorial on how to set up your classic, wheel-on trainer, clichere 
  1. Do I need to be a member? 
  1. No. Anyone can come 
  2. The Zwift “Meet Up” limit is 100; if we start attracting more than this, we’ll set up two rides 


If you have any questions, email us. Have fun, and I’ll see you on Zwift! 


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