Seadogs Open Water Swim, Splash and Dash and Swim Run
August 14th, 2017

It was a beautiful day at the Little Water Resevoir (the Rez) for a number of awesome events! Results from the SeaDogs open water swim and the Splash and Dash can be found here

This event also featured a Swim Run for the first time on the NB Triathlon Circuit! This event was a blast with four teams taking part. Participants had to run, then swim, then run, then swim to the finish. The whole time they had to remain close to their teammate and carry all necessary gear!, Hopefully this event will grown and more people will join in the fun!


Seadogs Open Water Swim Winners:

 Female Jennifer Splane 23:46.9 25
 1.5 k Traditional Adrienne Fullerton 31:13.4 5
 1.5 k Wetsuit Jennifer Splane 23:46.9 6
 3 k Traditional Lily Belyea 45:07.8 8
 3 k Wetsuit Megan Dodge 45:48.6 4
 Splash and Dash Julia Besner 50:06.0 2
 Male Devin Manning 25:44.1 25
 1.5 k Traditional JC Besner 26:17.0 1
 1.5 k Wetsuit Devin Manning 25:44.1 6
 3 k Traditional Blaine Warmer 59:27.4 1
 3 k Wetsuit Zach Boulanger 44:25.9 14
 Splash and Dash Frank Pani 45:19.3 3