Hampton Ladies Triathlon Wrap-up
June 13th, 2017

Another weekend and another great addition to the Subaru East Coast Tri Series! Despite some early morning drizzle and cool weather, the sun was shining by the time the first swimmers exited the pool! Many participants have never competed in a triathlon before, and some were seasoned verterans. The support was outstanding on this event-how often do you run by a "competitor" and receive a high five, or have fellow racers yell "good ride" from the opposite side of the bike course? Cheering could be heard in every corner of the race, from fellow athletes, volunteers and family members! All in all a great event and a fabulous stepping point for anyone considering the sport! 

Click here for a feature on the race that aired on Global News!


Sprint Triathlon: 

1. Josee Melanson, 1:12.2
2. Natalie Cormier, 1:16.55
3. Catharine Savary, 1:16.58


1. Kristy Walker, 1:08.44
2. Kerrie Luck, 1:12.35
3. Mandy Taylor, 1:13.43

Team Triathlon:

1. Wrong Direction , 1:16.55
2. Islanders, 1:27.40
3. Tri Gagetown Army Wives, 1:38.47