What is a Triathlon Official? 

Just like any other sport, officials in triathlon enforce the rules. They help to make sure every event is safe, and no unnecessary risks are taken by Race Directors or participants. Level One 

How do I become an Official?

Officials are essential to every race hosted in New Brunswick. To join the team of officials in our province, email our executive director to be added to a list and notified about the next Officials Clinic. 

2018 ITU Rules

2018 ITU Rules

2018 ITU Rule Changes Noted by our Technical Director 

Level 1 Officials Powerpoint

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2018 Sanctioning Documents

2018 Race Sanctioning Application

2018 Kids of Steel Sanctioning Application

2018 Club Sanctioning Application - Coming Soon

Demande pour faire sanctionner un événement en 2017

Demande pour faire sanctionner un événement en 2017

Demande pour faire sanctionner un club 2017