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Provincial Coach Bio

Jon Tracy has been with the Tri NB board since 2008 (after moving back from Ontario in 2005) as Junior Development Coordinator and Provincial Coach. He has been competing in triathlons since 1993. Jon started racing mountain bikes (7th overall in Atlantic Championships) in 1990 and swam varsity through his university career (and continues to swim Master’s), so it seemed like a logical step to try a triathlon in 1993. After that, he was hooked and has been competing ever since. Over the years of racing, Jon has competed in 2 World Cup and 3 Canadian Championship races (one being the ½ Ironman Canadian Championships), and numerous Regional and Provincial Championship Races. With some 1st place finishes under his belt, some his best races were the Regional Championships (1st overall) in Saskatchewan, and the Provincial Championships in Ontario (3rd overall in Sprint, 7th overall in Olympic PB 1hr 56min). Jon continues to compete in Triathlon, and enjoys mostly doing the Olympic and the ½ Ironman Distance races.

Jon has been coaching triathlon since 1996 (Saskatchewan and Ontario), and is a NCCP certified Triathlon Coach, Tri NB’s junior development coordinator, Tri NB’s Provincial Coach (and Canada Games), as well as local coach for the Fundy Extreme Triathlon Club and the Fundy Master’s Swim Team in Saint John. Jon spent many years in university (UNB and U of Regina) to become an Exercise Physiologist (MSc), with double majors in Biomechanics and Sport Psychology. Many years were spent performing exercise tests (VO2 max, blood lactate, peak/sustained power, strength, etc...) and biomechanical analysis (high speed video, aerodynamics (mod wind tunnel), force plate (running and bike pedal force plates) vector analysis, etc...) of pro/elite athletes and average athletes from many sports (cycling, triathlon, swimming, hockey, figure skating, wrestling, running, etc...) in accredited physiological testing labs across Canada.

Although racing is important, of equal importance to Jon is helping people get involved in the sport and promoting the sport to youth. Jon loves the sport of triathlon, helping to make it bigger in New Brunswick and helping people to reach their potential (whether it be finishing a race or making them as fast as possible). The more people he can help get into this sport the better, and to show New Brunswick’ers that this is a great sport for health, enjoyment and a better quality of life.

Jon’s Coaching Philosophy:

“My place as a coach is to share the proper physical conditioning, training tools, techniques, education, nutrition, emotional/psychological coaching, and to help them set realistic and attainable personal goals. My job is to also push people beyond their limits to show them what they are capable of. Training should always take place in a positive, enjoyable fashion where at the end of each practice everybody should leave with a smile on their face looking forward to the next practice.” 

Everybody needs to try this sport once; you will never regret it (for the rest of your life)!

Team NB Training Articles & Videos

Welcome Team NB. I am using Google drive to provide a place where we can share videos and documents. I have uploaded the cycling training videos and the swim analysis videos (and some other things). Please visit this page often as I will be posting different things that will be helpful to your training and development.

--Thanks, Jon Tracy
Head Coach

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