PTO “Virtual” Courses

Upcoming PTO Courses

  • PTO-1
    Date: May 16
    Time: 09:00-13:30 AST
    Course: Appropriate for new PTOs as well as re-certs. The PTO-1 course is based on the Roles and Responsibilities of the Technical Official as well as the competition rules and you will become trained to officiate at a grass-roots, age-group race.
  • PTO-2
    Date: May 23 and 30
    Time: 09:00-13:30 AST
    Course: Teaches event management and sector operations in a grass-roots, age-group context. PTO-2s are trained to be the technical delegate for a grass-roots, age-group race. It is also the next step towards the NTO certification.
    Race Directors are recommended to take the PTO-2 course.

Interested in signing up? Send an email to indicating your interest.


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